June 13, 2008, 10:27 pm
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So my buddy Jeff & I went to go see the new Hulk movie today. Going into it I’ll admit that I had high hopes but was cautious seeing as how the first one turned out. With that said; in my opinion this movie is by far one of the best movies that Marvel has put out. A one-two knock out so far with the overwhelming success of Iron Man back in May and now this hard hitting blockbuster. I especially enjoyed Sam Elliot playing the role of General “Thunderbolt” Ross, he played the part well. I highly suggest you go out and see this movie NOW.

My only true complaint is that they actually played the theme from the original Hulk TV show in one scene and it just made it extremely cheesy.


Batman R.I.P.
May 17, 2008, 8:10 am
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Out of all of those whom have ever written for Batman, Grant Morrison is the most suited man to write Batman R.I.P. With that said, this is one of the greatest issues of Batman I have ever read. As soon as you open the cover of this issue you are greeted with a very memorable piece of art with Batman standing while Robin crouches beneath. Both standing in an aggressive pose with Batman screaming, “You’re Wrong! Batman and Robin will NEVER die!” It carries on, giving small glimpses of the Black Glove and finishes it all off beautifully by introducing The Joker in to the story. This is definitely a GREAT lead off to what promises to be one of the most important Batman stories ever told.